Our products are dedicated to the 21st century: ‘time poor, still want to look like I get enough hours sleep whilst #embracingmyinnerbeauty but all about that treat yo self - you deserve it’ woman!

Natural skin care that is easy to use, full of only the good stuff, and something that is JUST FOR YOU (mama’s that comment is directed at you!) We don’t want to be just another cosmetic line amongst the saturated market, we hope to preach a strong message encouraging self love and sisterhood!

As much as we love catching up with our nearest and dearest, how good is it when you don’t need to leave your house, pyjama’s or wine to get your well-deserved break and dose of adult conversation?

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Why ‘Stone Natural Beauty?’ 

Stones are one of the oldest elements you can find but also one of the most beautiful and rare (hello diamonds!). I dare you to name me something more natural than a stone? and when the businesses new headquarters was on Stone Crescent, it was clearly meant to be!
And ‘natural beauty’ because our products are created to give you the confidence to embrace your natural beauty!  And being they are 100% natural – of course.


Who are you and why do we need to be friends?

We are two best friends that have been following each other around from 4 years old: from the preschool playground to now co-parenting our business baby. We both grew up in small country towns and both call the beautiful Sunshine Coast QLD home.

You will find Lucy running around after her three beautiful babes, living purely off cold toast and caffeine. In her spare time she likes to (HA! Just joking she wouldn't know what that is) or have it any other way.

And you will find Aroha living a fast-tracked life with her childhood sweetheart. A true supporter in the therapy of a red wine, bath and dressing gown.

Love & Light,
Aroha & Lucy x
Random fact - Aroha's name means 'love' and Lucy's means 'light', so when we say love & light, it's literal!